Monday, September 26, 2011

Tony Romo, Miles Austin & Felix Jones all Active for Eagles vs. Cowboys Tonight

This news comes via ESPN Television © . I am personally relying on Romo as my starting fantasy QB this week... and I think if you are starting him, that you should do so in confidence.

Dez Bryant is a solid start, WR1 worthy no matter who his QB is. He showed great chemistry with Kitna last year when Romo was out, and has shown the same with Romo this year.

Felix Jones is banged up, and we are all still waiting for him to have a break-out game. My prediction is 75yds rushing 50 receiving and 1 TD. If Romo goes out, that number will increase slightly.

Tony Romo is a little bit more tough... If you don't know the situation, then you probably live under a rock somewhere in the desert. I had to pick between him and Kevin Kolb, and I held out because I saw Romo's toughness last week and see no reason why he will not repeat the performance. 275yds, 2TD.

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